Chamäleon (chameleon)

Level 6

Rüstungsklasse: 6
Magieresistenz: 10
Gesinnung: neutral


  • Biss: 4d2 gewöhnlicher Schaden

Andere Eigenschaften:

  • besitzt einen Tierkörper
  • hat keine Hände um Dinge zu benutzen
  • verspeist Kadaver
  • Spieler darf nicht in eins transformieren
  • immer feindselig erzeugt

Name of a family (_Chameleonidae_) and race (_Chameleo_) of
scaly lizards, especially the _Chameleo vulgaris_ species,
with a short neck, claws, a grasping tail, a long, extendible
tongue and mutually independent moving eyes. When it is
scared or angry, it inflates itself and its transparent skin
shows its blood: the skin first appears greenish, then
gradually changes color until it is a spotted red. The final
color depends on the background color as well, hence the
(figurative) implication of unreliability. [Capitalized:]
a constellation of the southern hemisphere (Chameleo).
[ Van Dale's Groot Woordenboek der Nederlandse Taal ]

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