Goldgolem (gold golem)

Level 5

Rüstungsklasse: 6
Magieresistenz: 0
Gesinnung: neutral


  • Greifer: 2d3 gewöhnlicher Schaden
  • Greifer: 2d3 gewöhnlicher Schaden


  • schlafresistent
  • giftresistent
  • säureresistent

Andere Eigenschaften:

  • atmet nicht
  • hat kein Bewusstsein
  • hat humanoiden Kopf, Arme oder Rumpf
  • besitzt eine dicke Haut oder Schuppen
  • immer feindselig erzeugt
  • weder männlich noch weiblich

The bellows he set away from the fire, and gathered all the tools
wherewith he wrought into a silver chest; and with a sponge wiped
he his face and his two hands withal, and his mighty neck and
shaggy breast, and put upon him a tunic, and grasped a stout staff,
and went forth halting; but there moved swiftly to support their
lord handmaidens wrought of gold in the semblance of living maids.
In them is understanding in their hearts, and in them speech and
strength, and they know cunning handiwork by gift of the immortal
[ The Iliad, by Homer ]

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