Samurai (samurai)

Level 10

Rüstungsklasse: 10
Magieresistenz: 1
Gesinnung: neutral


  • Waffe: 1d8 gewöhnlicher Schaden
  • Waffe: 1d8 gewöhnlicher Schaden

Andere Eigenschaften:

  • hat humanoiden Kopf, Arme oder Rumpf
  • Allesfresser
  • Spieler darf nicht in eins transformieren
  • ist ein Mensch
  • kräftiges (oder großes) Monster
  • hebt Waffen und Nahrungsmittel auf
  • sichtbar durch Infravision

By that time, Narahara had already slipped his arm from the
sleeve of his outer robe, drew out his two-and-a-half-foot
Fujiwara Tadahiro sword, and, brandishing it over his head,
began barreling toward the foreigners. In less than a minute,
he had charged upon them and cut one of them through the torso.
The man fled, clutching his bulging guts, finally to fall from
his horse at the foot of a pine tree about a thousand yards
away. Kaeda Takeji finished him off. The other two Englishmen
were severely wounded as they tried to flee. Only the woman
managed to escape virtually unscathed.
[ The Fox-horse, from Drunk as a Lord, by Ryotaro Shiba ]

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