Walküre (valkyrie)

Level 10

Rüstungsklasse: 10
Magieresistenz: 1
Gesinnung: neutral


  • Waffe: 1d8 gewöhnlicher Schaden
  • Waffe: 1d8 gewöhnlicher Schaden


  • kälteresistent

Andere Eigenschaften:

  • hat humanoiden Kopf, Arme oder Rumpf
  • Allesfresser
  • Spieler darf nicht in eins transformieren
  • ist ein Mensch
  • kräftiges (oder großes) Monster
  • immer weiblich
  • hebt Waffen und Nahrungsmittel auf
  • sichtbar durch Infravision

The Valkyries were the thirteen choosers of the slain, the
beautiful warrior-maids of Odin who rode through the air and
over the sea. They watched the progress of the battle and
selected the heroes who were to fall fighting. After they
were dead, the maidens rewarded the heroes by kissing them
and then led their souls to Valhalla, where the warriors
lived happily in an ideal existence, drinking and eating
without restraint and fighting over again the battles in
which they died and in which they had won their deathless
[ The Encyclopaedia of Myths and Legends of All
Nations, by Herbert Robinson and Knox
Wilson ]

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